The couple continued to dominate our TV screens near the end of the year with the release of a drama series, The Imposter, focused around a woman who breaks out of prison and takes over the life of her twin.

While some were left underwhelmed by the series, others were captivated by the drama on screen. Now if only we could put down the volume on Mantwa

When season 2 was announced, some of us were wondering if it would pick up where the first instalment left off. And, to everyone’s surprise, it’s a brand-new cast and storyline.


The first season of The Imposter didn’t leave a good impression on fans. We don’t blame them, though, because the show was filled with many far-fetched moments. Yes, we get that it’s a TV show, but some of the things that happened on that show were just, uhm… we have no words.


Source: Twitter