Vuyolwethu Ngcukana

After he recently opened up to the public about how difficult it was for him to deal with the loss of his mother, Vuyo is now letting fans in on another personal secret. Actor, Vuyolwethu Ngcukana has made yet another surprising revelation.

The 38-year-old has revealed that he once suffered a stroke. “I thank God for the people that have helped me get back and stay on my feet time and time again, I suffered a mild stroke about 10 years ago,” he shared.

He went on to share how little will he had to live after he suffered the stroke and also lost his job. But through the encouragement of his loved once, he was able to pick up the pieces of his life and move forward.

Vuyolwethu Ngcukana


“My brothers, sisters and friends helped me recover if you feel overwhelmed please ask for help, please,” he said. A few minutes before sharing this information, Vuyo retweeted a tweet about depression from a fellow actor, Zenande Mfenyana.

Zenande Mfenyana“People who suffer from depression often feel like they should keep it to themselves as they don’t want to be a burden on others. So many people are suffering in silence. If you know your friend has depression, regularly check on them, you could be their only saving grace,” said Zanande who is on the same show as Vuyo.


Vuyo also told fans that times were so tough that he couldn’t even accept help from others at first. “I pushed people away and wasn’t very kind, they stuck with me with patience and understanding, all I had to do was say I’m not ok and ask for help and the help came, that saved my life, please do the same for yourself,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun