Julius Malema

The EFF leader took to Twitter on Tuesday morning, accusing an unnamed person of having been “won over” by the Sars “rogue unit” due to having a daughter with a “drug problem”.

A mysterious tweet by EFF leader Julius Malema has left Twitter speculating as to who he is accusing of having joined a Sars ‘rogue unit’ to protect his drug-addicted daughter.

Julius MalemaMalema wrote: “The guy has a daughter with a drug problem, and that’s how the rouge unit (sic) won him over. All these facts are known to the mob, including the bag full of drugs that disappeared at the airport explicitly brought for his daughter. They will never write about it…”

Many on Twitter have assumed that Malema is speaking about finance minister Nhlanhla Nene since Malema had previously tweeted about Nene. While several Twitter users made this assumption, one user tweeted his belief that it is former police chief Robert McBride that he is referring to.


A tweet from the official Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Twitter account, which Malema has RTed and made his pinned tweet, says: “We warned you about Nhlanhla Nene.”

Malema had made allegations in July that Nene was “corrupt as hell”, claiming: “I’ve got a scandal that they’ve got on him that involves his daughter which they gave to him and they never reported it. They’ve got control over him through that scandal. But they gave us the questions, Pravin [Gordhan]’s group, including the letter that he wrote to the PIC asking for certain people to get the money. We’ve got the letter. He’s not answered because he knows what we have. We’ve asked him questions in parliament, in public but he’s not answered till today. The most overpraised and celebrated minister.”

But tweets from the Economic Freedom Fighters and Julius Malema have Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama accusing Malema of being a “flipper”.

Mngxitama retweeted screenshots of comments the EFF and Malema made about Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene on Twitter, indicating that Malema appears to have changed his tune regarding the finance minister dramatically.

Source: The Citizen