Twitter scared of Lockdown’s Zim Zim: Memes


Twitter scared of Lockdown’s Zim Zim: Memes. While the prison setting should be enough to prepare viewers for the drama, nothing could prepare tweeps for characters like Tyson and Zim Zim.

Twitter believes the Lockdown cast, crew and audience deserve free therapy sessions to deal with everything the show is exposing them to, especially with characters like Zim Zim, who chop peoples’ heads off.

Manaka Ranaka

Twitter couldn’t believe it when Zim Zim started preaching about how prisoners shouldn’t regret ending up in prison cells because even people who are free have their own tailor-made jail cells.

That time… Zim Zim’s in prison for chopping up children’s heads on instruction from some spirit or something.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Source: Sowetan Live