Unathi speaks out on #AdamCatzavalos racist video. Unathi is among the many Mzansi and African people who were angered by the racist remarks that was made by Adam Catzavalos. She posted some pictures expressing her anger towards the guy.


Like I said yesterday the racist called Adam Catzavalos WILL see the inside of a jail cell????Thank you BELOVED South Africa. PS we’re coming for all YOU racists. She posted this post on her Instagram:

EFF Adam

And it seems many celebs are joining in as they push for action to take place against Adam Catzavalos.


After posting this a wrote a caption: @butchershopsa and @nedbankhave contacted me to inform me of their stance with #AdamCatzavelos Nedbank was NEVER associated with him. They sponsored the show on @702 he was featured on and you can read the Butcher Shop’s response here. NOW we get him arrested! Racists will remember WHERE they are?The continent of AFRICA??


DA Youth, along with the popular Twitterati lawyer Tumi Sole, said they had approached the SAHRC. Catzavelos, 40, whose family owns St George’s Fine Foods, was on holiday in Greece, giving an update from a beach via the video. He has since been fired by his family.

Adam Catzavelos

The DA has reported the alleged racist Adam Catzavelos to the South African Human Rights Commission for using racist remarks in a video which has gone viral on social media. The EFF was also expected to open criminal charges at a Johannesburg police station on Wednesday.

Source: News365coza

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