Venom makes a record-breaking opening. While critics may have hated it – and according to Metacritic and rotten tomatoes, their hatred is strong – Venom has cleaned up at the box office both in North America and internationally.

While it may have been critically panned, Venom has busted box office records for October by around $20 million.

The supervillain blockbuster pulled in an estimated $80 million in North American ticket sales, according to industry tracker Exhibitor Relations. Internationally the film went on to earn $125.5 million putting its total haul at $205 million.


This pretty much means that it’s critic proof, since it broke October opening weekend records by around $20 miilion – leaving the likes of Marvel fan favourite Ant Man & The Wasp and Mission: Impossible – Fallout firmly in its rearview. Not only that, given the fact that the film cost a relatively modest $100 million to make, it’s likely that there will be a sequel.

If you’re in the dark about Venom, it’s essentially Sony’s latest crack at the bat with a Marvel property it owns. The film stars Tom Hardy as a journalist called Eddie Brock who makes a shocking discovery of corporate malfeasance. He also become host to a rather nasty alien symbiote who grants him amazing – and lethal superpowers. The character is a villain in the “Spider-Man” comic book world.

In second place was another new release, musical romance “A Star Is Born,” which took in $41.25 million.


The third remake of the 1937 film of the same name, it marks the directing debut of Bradley Cooper, who stars as a musician who discovers and falls in love with a young singer played by pop superstar Lady Gaga.