Zodwa Wabantu and bae’s Cape Town getaway


 Zodwa Wabantu and her Bae that we think are cute and are worth sharing and re-sharing. They have been criticised and judged but despite the age difference, the lovebirds are still going strong.

They look cute together don’t you think? Ben 10 or not he is good for her and he treats her like a queen she is. Too us she is a dancing queen who came onto the limelight through her famous dance. Seems he loves everything about her.

I will not say anything about slippers and socks but will just say these 2 look amazing together. This is what Zodwa Wabantu had to say about her boyfriend… “My 08:00 to 17:00 boyfriend. I’m proud of you. I dated you before I was Zodwa Wabantu.

They are cute because they are all over the place and are travelling the World together. The next picture, the amazing couple were in Mozambique. Check out Zodwa Wabantu‘s smile, she is very happy!

Zodwa and bae

You guys can make a cute baby…

Zodwa and bae

Many have been asking does he know how to talk Happy Birthday in advance to Zodwa Wabantu…

Zodwa and bae

Looking gorgeous as always, so in love with you…

Zodwa and bae

For a Change a Different Birthday no Alcohol only I love you

Zodwa and bae

He knows I don’t belong to him,I belong to the People all over the World? thank you for always understanding & waiting for me. Ngoba if ubufuna Ngabe uyazifebela Mtana sekhaya ube ngu Chris Brown?????. I love you