AKA following Bonang‘s footsteps. First an app, now a book is in the pipeline! Rapper AKA has been a busy man this week. He closed his business, launched an app and is now working on an autobiography. But one has to wonder, is he following in his ex’s footsteps?

If you somehow missed it (how on earth?) Bonang and AKA broke up in December 2017. Since going their separate ways, it has to be said that the former lovers have both been thriving. AKA released an incredible album, Bonang has travelled across half the world and recently moderated a UN discussion in New York.

AKA and Bonang

However, some of AKA’s recent business moves have us wondering if he’s borrowed a few notes from the Bonang Matheba ‘Blueprint for Success’.

Here’s why we think this:

Brand building


Bonang isn’t just a celebrity; she’s an actual brand. Her achievements have been used as case studies in the mainstream media and she – along with DNA Brand Architects between 2012 and 2017 – has been very deliberate in treating herself like a business. This week, AKA revealed that he was closing his business. Beam Group is no more. His reason?



Interestingly, AKA and Bonang were together when Beam Group was launched – but maybe he had to try and test his venture before realising that perhaps he, much like his ex, is the business.



TODAY IS THE DAY … The OFFICIAL LAUNCH of my very own app with @Vodacom
ishuuuu #AKAWorldApp Days after closing his business, AKA unveiled the official #AKAWorld app which is now available for download in the App Store and Play Store. He wrote on his Twitter handle

This partnership with Vodacom is an exciting move for the rapper, but those with a sharp memory will recall that he’s not the first to go down this road.


First, the branding moves, then the app. If we thought we were onto something at this point, then AKA’s next tweet had us convinced that he has taken a leaf or three out of Bonang’s book.

Bonang’s book was one of the biggest talking topics in 2017 (for the wrong reasons, sadly) and it was published shortly after she launched her app.


Depending on your outlook, these comparisons may seem valid and thought-provoking or spurious. Do you think that AKA is keeping a close eye on Bonang’s moves, or is this just another conspiracy theory?

Source: The Citizen