Global food outlet Nando’s has become well-known for including witty and topical commentary based on whatever is happening in the nation at the time in their adverts – both on TV and social media.

This has unfortunately created a climate for fake ads which often thrive shortly after something new happens. The most recent incident came after the Constitutional Court ruling which allows for the use of marijuana in one’s home.
The fake ad prominently features the Zulu word ‘azishe‘ which means ‘let it/things burn’ with the tagline ‘nothing satisfies the munchies like our flame-grilled, full chicken meal” under the Nando’s symbol.



In recent years, Nando’s has changed their branding a little so the fake ad is designed in the old style using the old Nando’s ad template.

The restaurant chain got wind of the fake ad and responded with a cheeky real ad which reads:

“Bazothi ‘azishe.‘ Just make sure it’s higher grade.”


‘Bazothi azishe‘ translates to ‘they will say ‘let it burn” in reference to the instruction in the fake ad. You can use your imagination with regards to what they’re referring to when they say “just make sure it’s higher grade.”

Source: EWN