Kelly Khumalo

Local singer Kelly Khumalo took to Instagram to address rumours that she is undergoing training to become a traditional healer.

After sharing a photo of herself wearing what some believed was traditional attire, followers started speculating that the singer might have received the calling, and was in the process of becoming a traditional healer.

She captioned the photo: “Use the Power you have been given

Kelly Khumalo

Following the claims, Kelly decided to address the rumours in an Instagram video on Monday.

In the video, where she speaks in a Russian accent, she asks journalist to “stay out of her business” and to stop questioning her on the matter.

Kelly Khumalo


She says: “If I am the traditional healer you are believing me to be, I would not be aggravating me if I were you. Because I might just be sending you five lightnings, or 100 bees. Just to sting you to stay out of my business.”

Source: IOL